CNC cutting machine is a kind of equipment which dedicated to a variety of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials. The equipment in the industrial computer control, adopt high-temperature plasma arc or flame cutting on the plate can be cut in any graphics and text, it is widely used in shipbuilding, pressure vessel manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, steel processing industries.

When using a plasma arc cutting, not only can cut carbon steel, but also cutting stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, maximum cutting thickness determined by the plasma source with the decision. Normally, the device used by the U.S. sea treasure produced plasma power, plasma cutting speed relative to the oxyacetylene cutting speed, high efficiency, effectively reduce the overall cost.

When using oxyacetylene or other oxyfuel, only cutting carbon steel, cutting thickness 6 ~ 200mm, such as the use of special cutting torch, cutting nozzle and specialty gases, gas, maximum cutting thickness up to 300mm. Oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting with respect to the slow, but a thick steel plate can be cut, and the use of low cost.

The device mechanical structure gantry form, from the main end beam, secondary-side beams, and beams composed of portal frame, driven by AC servo motor,walking on the rails. CNC cutting trolley through the slider fixed to the beam front, driven by a servo motor, through the gear rack drive, walk by the linear guides.

The device is also equipped with automatic torch height adjustment device and automatic arc ignition device, the use of automatic nesting software programming, enabling automatic control of the cutting process.

Equipment used graphics file programming language international common CNC Programming Language - G code language. G-code file can be edited manually, or use the device supporting FASTCAM automatic nesting software programming or other programming software for automatic programming and nesting, easy programming, sheet utilization.


1. The machine body

It is gantry type structure. The cross beams treated by whole annealing to eliminate stress so it has good rigidity and high strength without permanent deformation.

2. The vertical rails

The vertical guide track adopts heavy rails. The surface has high precision after grinding . The rail length can be increased and decreased according to the requirements of users;Rails using 38Kg / m rail processed from the top surface and the side after grinding with high straightness and parallelism; foundation generally use concrete structure ( also available in steel )

3. The cutting torch holder

The cutting torch holder adopts the collision-preventing design to ensure the cutting torches are not damaged in production.

4. The horizontal rails

The horizontal guide track adopts a straight line track with high precision and smooth running.

5. The travel reducer

The travel reducer adopts German high precision planet gear reducer.

6. The driven system

The driven device adopts the full-digital AC servo system and motor made by Japan Panasonic which has high running precision.

7. Regulator of auto height regulator

The machine has many functions such as automatic position, automatic perforation, and automatic height-regulating device of capacitance. The plasma cutting machine is equipped with USA imported arc voltage height-regulating device.

8. Program and nesting software

FastCam from Australia

9. CNC system

It is equipped with famous brand USA START Control system

10. The track gauge

The machine with below 4m gauge adopts single side driven, the machine with above 4m gauge adopts double-side driven to guarantee its precision an high speed smooth running.

11. Cutting power

USA Hypertherm (USA Cut-master optional)


Cross Beam width2700mm(Can be widen according to user's demand)
طول راه آهن طولی7500mm(Can be lengthened according to user's demand)
عرض برش موثر (محور X)2200 میلی متر
طول برش موثر (محور Y)6400mm(Rail can be lengthened according to user's demand)
حالت برشFlame &Plasma
حالت رانندگیDual-side
روش رانندگیRack and pinion drive for X and Y axes
ضخامت برش شعله6-180mm
ضخامت برش پلاسما0.3--20mm( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
Power source supply60A/100A/120A/200A
Traveling speed20000 میلی متر در دقیقه
سرعت برش0-12000mm / min

دقت موقعیت یابی

0.01 میلی متر



منبع انرژی380V 50 / 60Hz
Power capacity25-50KW according to different power source
برش گازAcetylene,Propane,oxygen
Plasma GasPressed air,Oxygen,N2
نرم افزار تودرتوFASTCAM
Torch Height Controller (AUTO)US-START(Arc voltage height control for plasma cutting)

خدمات ما
ضمانت کیفیت 1.24 ماه ، ماشین با قطعات اصلی (به استثنای مواد مصرفی) در صورت بروز هرگونه مشکلی در دوره ضمانت ، باید به صورت رایگان تغییر یابد.
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5- 24 ساعت سرویس در خط هر روز ، پشتیبانی فنی رایگان.
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